Any girl would love to have these Flower Knit Boots in their 18” doll’s wardrobe. The ornate flowers are crocheted, which also enhances their attractiveness and charm.




Caron Simply Soft (100% acrylic 6 oz/170g; 315yds/288m)

  • Main Color (MC)(9719 Soft Pink)  – approx. 75 yds;
  • Contrast A  (9750 Chocolate)  – approx. 25 yds;
  • US size 4 / 3.50 mm Knitting Needles, OR SIZE TO OBTAIN  GAUGE.
  • E/4 / 3.50 mm crochet hook;  Yarn needle.


Sole measures 2.75” long by 1.25“ wide, 4.0” tall;


22 sts and 46 rows to 4”/10 cm over Garter Stitch.

(Note: Be sure to check your gauge before starting to knit. If the gauge is larger, change to a smaller needle size, or work tightly.  If it is smaller, change to a larger needle size, or work loosely.)


Notes: 1) The boots are worked in one piece from the top to sole.

2) To avoid mistake(s), count stitches in each round/row when finished.

BOOTS  (make 2)

With MC and 4 / 3.50 mm knitting needles,  cast on  26 sts.

Rows 1-24:  Work in Garter Stitch (knit all stitches) for 24 rows – 26 sts.

Row 25 (Dec):  K4, k2tog, (k6, k2tog) twice, k4  –  23 sts.

Rows 26-27:  Knit two rows  –  23 sts.

Rows 28 (Dec):  K4, k2tog, (k5, k2tog) twice, k3  –  20 sts.

Rows 29-33:  Knit five rows  –  20 sts.

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Shape Instep

Next Row (RS):  K13, turn. Work over the 6 sts of Instep only.

Next Row:  K6, turn –  6 sts. Repeat last row 12 times more. Cut yarn and leave sts.


With RS facing, rejoin MC yarn to base of Instep, with right-hand needle holding 7 sts, pick up 7 sts evenly along side of Instep, knit 6 sts at center, pick up 7 sts evenly along other side of Instep, then knit remaining 7 sts  –  34 sts.

Next rows:  Knit 5 rows  –  34 sts. Cut MC yarn.

Next rows: Join A yarn, knit two rows  –  34 sts.

Shape Sole

Next Row: Beginning with a RS row, k20, turn.

Next row:  K5, k2tog, turn. Repeat last row until 12 sts remain.

With RS facing, place all sole sts onto the same double-pointed needle, place all heel  sts onto the other double-pointed needle, and complete with 3-needle bind off.

FLOWER  (make 2)

With A, ch 4, join with slip st to form a ring.

Ch 1,  (sc in ring, ch 4)  6 times;  join with slip st to first  sc –  6 petals.  Fasten off.  Secure yarn to WS.


Sew back seam. Weave in all yarn ends to wrong side of work. Sew Flowers to Boots as shown in picture.


If you would like to have a matching set, you may get the PDF pattern set here

I hope that you will enjoy making my Knit Boots for 18” Doll.

© Alena’s Design patterns are protected by copyright. You may not rewrite, photocopy, redistribute, or sell the patterns in any form. You have my permission to sell the finished product if you will credit me for the pattern with a link to my site: https://www.alenasdesign.com/ when listing or selling the items made from patterns. If you need any help with my patterns, you may contact me: https://www.alenasdesign.com/contact-us/

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